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The mission of the Genesis Baptist Church Deacons’ Ministry is to support the vision and
mission of the Church and Pastor by being an extended arm of the Pastor. This includes but not limited to spreading the Word of the Lord, promoting unity, conducting a caring Ministry,
ministering to the sick and shut-in, assisting and praying for families in need, and advancing our growth in the love of God together.

2021 Genesis Baptist Church Adoption Team Assignment

Members' last names begin with...

Team A-D

*Dea. Dannie Marshall

Dea. Fannie Bratcher

Dea. Sam Martin

Sis. Donna Brooks

Sis. Brenda Liggins

Sis. Mary Martin

Dr. Rev. Mona Lisa Covington

Members' last names begin with...

Team E-I

*Dea. Elizabeth Ashford

Dea. William Deskins

Dea. Robert Rogers

Sis. Barbara Deskins

Sis. Rosemary Hickman

Sis. Joanne Petty 

Rev. Linda McBride

Members' last names begin with...

Team J-O

 *Dea. Larry Joyner

Dea. Paulette Evans

 Sis. Linda West

 Sis. Gloria White

 Rev. Sadie Orrell

 Min. Patricia Baker

Members' last names begin with...

Team P-T

*Dea. Wanda McConnell

Dea. Wendell Gilyard

Sis. Ida Hinson

Sis. Diana Wade

Rev. Tracey Mathews

Rev. Willa Brown

Members' last names begin with...

Team U-Z

*Dea. Willie Squire

Dea. Frenchie Bailey

Dea. Milton Grady

Sis. Wanda Hinton

Sis. Frances Jackson

Dr. Rev. Marlowe Hinton

Pastoral Leadership

Reverend Dr. Verenander Hughes

Home (336)-558-9301

Deacon’s Ministry Leadership

Deacon William Deskins - Chair

 Deacon Fannie Bratcher - Vice Chair

Discipleship Class Leaders

Deacon Robert Rogers

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