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Public Relations

The Public Relations Ministry consists of the following members: Kim Freeman, Lena Chapman,  Eric Funderburk, Erica Funderburk and Paulette Douglas. A Public Relations member is represented on each of the five circles to enhance communication among the ministries and offer leadership in locating proper resources.

The Mission is to implement public relation activities and manage an effective system of communications, which supports the church’s mission, goals and objectives for internal and external communications to all its publics. The ministry established sub ministries which are responsible for executing the Public Relations program at Genesis. These sub ministries increased their effectiveness as they facilitated the exchange of information, ideas and feeling based on the mission, objectives and policies.

The ministry publicized the news of other ministries and shares the “Good News” through writing and distributing news releases, news announcements, and letters to the greater community as well as posting announcements to the media through television, radio and website. The Public Relations Ministry works closely with the Worship Circle in the production room that manages both sound and visual during each church service.

The Genesis Facebook page created and managed by Lena Chapman has proven to be an effective means of keeping the members abreast of current happenings. The membership has grown and more active involvement in posting necessary information about Genesis upcoming events has kept the members updated.  The Genesis Facebook account can be accessed by members logging on to Facebook and joining the account. Continue to share and post upcoming events, flyers, and church related messages to the page. The Public Relations representations will make additional attempts to invite new members to the join the Genesis Family Facebook Page. The ministry continues to seek members who are willing to help promote God’s work. Members are encouraged to make contact by phone, email, or regular mail regarding the circles and ministries of Genesis Baptist Church. Public Relations members are waiting to assist in sharing the good news about Genesis Baptist Church to the community.

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